Ultra Strong Professional
Protection for everyone!

G-Shield products can be applied onto any surface without any primers or additives –
it has outstanding adhesion to any material. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and our production process includes many procedures to ensure the end result is the best it can possibly be.

All-Purpose DIY Water-based Ceramic Coating
G-Shield Liquid Glass Coat is a non-hazardous, water based ceramic coating, specially designed for waterproofing and reinforcement of various materials. G-Shield can be applied onto almost any surface – Concrete, Stone, Wood, Paint, Gypsum and much more…

Liquid glass coat

G-Shield Liquid Glass Coat is an all-purpose coating for sealing, preserving & protecting any material creating a protection that does not degrade or fade away with a robust, ultra-hydrophobic, chemical resistant and durable coating that bonds to the surface, and cannot be pealed or removed.

G-Shield Liquid Glass Coat cross-links with the coated surface and features an extremely high adhesion, high-penetration and strong hydrophobic effect coating. It is designed for any surface waterproofing and reinforcing infrastructures, in a glossy / matte, abrasion and UV resistant coat.

Strengthens and permanently seals weak loose and brittle infrastructures such as: Plasters gypsum, cements, natural stones, bricks and more…

Scratch protection on any surface – Concrete, wood, plastic, metals, painted surfaces.

Flame-retardant coating to protect any material from catching fire.

Creates a hydrophobic surface which repels water and seals the surface from liquids penetration.

Protects surface from UV damage.

Protects metals from corrosion and erosion.​

Can be use as DIY spray on various surfaces for home appliances.

Suitable for external and internal applications.