make sense of your data

Mach-Sens has the goal to deliver plug and play solutions to get data from the full poultry production process to delivery the best insight information during this process from egg to chicken.

We use sophisticated sensor technology, state-of-the-art connection technology and worldwide coverage of getting the data to our Mach-Sens platform.

Mach-Sens is part of Mach-C Solutions; the Hatchery Automation Solution supplier that can deliver solutions for egg intake, egg transfer and chicken handling process and has over 30 years of worldwide experience within the poultry industry.


We deliver a wide range of sensors, Gateway to collect all data and an easy to use dashboard and an App to get real insights into your processes in the Poultry Industry.

We can measure Temperature, Humidity, Co2, Impact, GPS location Light and movement detection.

Mach-Sens Gateway with worldwide available connection to our Data Dashboard
Our central Gateway will collect all sensors in your Hatchery or Farm and through a secure connection we receive all data in our Dashboard.

Our Poultry Data Dashboard
All data can be shown in our Dashboard where you can select timeline, setup alarm settings, setting ranges or create new users to share data with.


With using our sensors you get detailed insights into your hatchery, from measuring temperature, check how often Incubator doors are opened or where the setter trolleys are located in your Hatchery


Get real time data about Temperature, Humidity, Impact or GPS location during transport of eggs or chickens.

Poultry Farm

With using our sensors and plug and play solution we can create insights to deliver the best environment to give every chicken a head start to grow

Poultry or Agriculture Specials

Do you have a special request for getting data, feel free to keep in contact with us.

Get a message when the temperature or humidity is not according to your Hatchery or Farm rules